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Fire Your Customers
by: Brian Grinonneau
Itís time to thin the ranks and fire some customers. Thatís right, can Ďem, send them packing and tell them their business isnít welcome here anymore. Sound crazy? Itís crazy if you donít!

Why would anyone fire a customer? Simple. Itís costing you too much time and money to keep them around. This is obviously not an exercise where you send termination notices to valued clients. This is an exercise to get rid of the dead wood.

As you scan your list, there will be a certain type of customer that deserves the ax. Here is the profile: They always quibble over price and once theyíve stripped your profit margin, will pay slow, real slow. This customer is never happy with your service no matter what you do. They canít be pleased. This soon-to-be-ex client never refers any new business to you and try as you might you cannot establish a working relationship. They have no loyalty to you and will jump as soon as they get a better deal from someone else. They call and complain often threatening to take their business elsewhere. Let them go.

In todayís marketplace where superior customer service sets apart the winners from the losers, discussion about shedding customers isnít always popular. Running your business isnít a popularity contest, itís about doing whatís best for the future. Fire some of your customers. Your business will be better and so will you.

About the author:
Brian Grinonneau is the general manager of McMann and Tate Advertising in Perrysburg, Ohio, and agency that works exclusively with small business owners helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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